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Executive Director and Founder

Rosebud Sioux Tribe

Luti has served as Executive Director since 2014.  She resides in the Parmelee Community, Parmelee, SD. She has worked most of my life in areas of management and received her Master’s in Community Economic Development and Business Administration. She is currently working on her Doctoral in Business Administration and Accounting.




Rosebud Sioux Tribe

Lakota Name- Anpetu Luta Win: Red Day Woman.

SunRise is a grandmother, mother and active member of the community. She is a water and Land protector who spent the last 17 years working with youth in various capacities including helping in create the Sicangu Youth Council. SunRise presents both locally and nationally on a wide variety of topics that focus on understanding of past and current trauma, and building resiliency and incorporating language, culture and spirituality in order to overcome obstacles. She teaches Psychology as an adjunct Professor at Sinte Gleska University.

SunRise co-founded Black Bull Gym where physical health and education were incorporated to help youth overcome bullying and teaching self defense to others who wanted to build self esteem. As a visionary and philanthropist, she uses available resources to give back to the people and is always thinking about the generations yet to come.



Board Member

Rosebud Sioux Tribe

Tonya says, " First and foremost I am a mother, grandmother, daughter. My passion is helping our people." She was born and raised on the Rosebud Sioux Reservation her whole life. Tonya is a previous board member of  White Buffalo Calf women’s society and a former youth advisor for Parmelee Community. She is an active parent of St. Francis Indian School. Her stated goal is to focus on healthy community, healthy individuals. Mind, body and spirit.




Board Member

 Lakota Name-Zuya Agli: Comes back from war

James is a retired U.S. Army Combat War Veteran who currently serves as a Corrections Officer for the Tribe. He has lived on the Rosebud Reservation for the last 11 years and has been married into the Black Bull family for 22 years.


After serving in the military, James moved to Rosebud and founded Black Bull Gym where he taught Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts  to many children. At the gym,  physical activity, healthy lifestyles, mentoring and bully prevention were included in the teachings he and his family shared with many children over 5 years of operation.


James is an active member of the community and his contributions to the organization will help create a health component which focuses on encouraging healthy life styles and changes.

Le Toy.jpg


Board Member
Enrolled member of the Oglala Lakota Tribe

LeToy is a lifelong member of the He Dog Community located on the Rosebud Reservation.   She is a mother of 3 children and has worked for White Buffalo Calf Woman’s Society for over 10 years, responding to both sexual assault and domestic violence victims.  She has also done extensive work facilitating education on both trauma responses, advocacy, self-care, and working with victims of violence.  LeToy worked with the school districts through-out the Rosebud Reservation to provide outreach and prevention while also educating the staff on trauma informed practices for the students.  She currently works with the Rosebud Sioux Tribe to strengthen the youth programming on the reservation to better provide resources to the local youth 

Image by Jan Huber
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